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Basescu: Temptation of non-competition practices is great at time of crisis


The pressure put from the outside on the Competition Council must not make one give up the competition legislation, President Traian Basescu on Tuesday, in the Cotroceni Palace, told a ceremony during which Bogdan Marius Chiritoiu was sworn in to the position of chairman of the Competition Council.
„Mention should be made of the fact that you begin your term in office at a time of economic crisis, which may evolve, as it has already evolved in many other EU countries, into a social crisis. The pressure put from the outside on the Competition Council must not make you give up the competition legislation as the temptation of the governments, of the institutions and companies to sometimes take up non-competition practices is quite great, especially at such times,” said Basescu.

He also warned against the state aid and said that, in this field, „which is ruled over by political pressure and political decisions, one can easily go wrong.”
„Your duty is to watch for Romania to preserve its competitive economy, in which the competition, not administrative or non-competition measures, should make it possible for the free market to work. I trust that the relay exchange is carried out with people that are equally well trained and determined to fulfil their duty in this institution that is extremely important in a market economy,” said the Head of State.

He also thanked former chairman of the above-mentioned institution Gheorghe Oprescu and added that he thanked him not for the sake of form.
„I am sincere in thanking you as, under the chairmanship of Mr Oprescu, the Competition Council became an extremely credible institution, especially in its relationship with the European Union. I should like you to continue to consolidate the credibility of the Competition Council,” said the Head of State.

Premier Emil Boc also attended the ceremony during which the new chairman and the new vice-chairman of the Competition Council as well as another two members of the plenum of the Competition Council were sworn in.

President Traian Basescu on April 28 signed the decree on appointing Bogdan Marius Chiritoiu chairman of the Competition Council for a five-year term in office. Otilian Neagoe will hold the position of vice-chairman of the Competition Council and Mircea Valentin and Dan Ionescu will hold the positions of competition counsellors, members of the plenum of the Competition Council, for five years too.

Bogdan Marius Chiritoiu was state counsellor with the Department for Planning and Political Analysis of the Presidential Administration. He was born in 1979 and has a master’s degree with the London School of Economics and Political Science as well as with the Central European University in Budapest. He graduated friom the Medical School, Carol Davila University of Bucharest, and has a doctor’s degree with the Academy of Economic Studies, International Relations section. In 2004 he was a consultant on social policies with the UNDP, in 2001-2002 he was a consultant of Romania’s Government for European Integration with the European Institute and in 2000 he was a personal counsellor to the Minister of Justice.


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