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Fuchs opens 10 million euro logistic centre


The German spice producing company Fuchs on Tuesday, in Curtea de Arges (north-west of Bucharest), opened the new logistic centre for South-Eastern Europe, an investment worth 10 million euros, which will consolidate the position of the above-mentioned company on the market in the region.

„We have chosen Curtea de Arges to make this investment as we have already been for eight years in this area. So far we have worked at Domnesti, only a few kilometres away from Curtea de Arges. We are very satisfied to be here as we have devoted employees, who are faithful to our company. As for the relation with the local authorities, I would like to remark the fact that they have given us all their support to carry this investment out,” said Jens Bachmeier, managing director of Fuchs Condimente Romania.

Work on the new centre of production, storing and delivery started in March 2008 and cost about 10 million euros. The products made here will reach both the Romanian market and the markets in the Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Bulgaria.

According to the Fuchs representatives, the production line brought to Romania is one of the most competitive ones at present on the world market and is similar to the equipment that was recently installed on the production lines in Germany.

Fuchs Condimente Romania has now 230 employees and is one of the most important investors in the Curtea de Arges area. Fuchs Condimente Romania was set up in 2001, its main aim being to produce and distribute spices for the food industry and for the retail trade.


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