PM Boc: Gov’t has political determination to draw up single law on salary

Romania must have a single unitary law on the pay of the public sector employees, Prime Minister Emil Boc said on Tuesday during a meeting with the Labour Ministry’s working group for drawing up the single pay law for the public sector staff.

PM Boc assured the members of the group and implicitly the ministry’s officials that the Government had a unitary standpoint on the requirement of a single unitary pay for such employees.

‘Those who think there might be special laws in Romania, they must get out of this hall and of the Government. I want to tell the state secretaries who still share different viewpoints they should leave the room with the resignations in their hands. There will be no special laws. Romania has to do what the European Union did long before. We settled June 30 as the deadline for finishing the single law on the pay of the public sector employees. I assure you once more that the Government has the political will and determination to make this law,’ Boc stressed.

Romania’s Prime Minister assured the members of the group he would come and meet them any time he is invited to give the necessary explanations. The Government wants the draft such single pay law to be tabled to the Parliament for debate, before the end of this parliamentary session.


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