Poland’s President to pay visit to Bucharest in October

Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski will pay a visit to Bucharest this autumn, Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Cristian Diaconescu told a symposium devoted to the 90th anniversary of the Romanian-Polish diplomatic relations, which was organized at the Romanian Academy on Tuesday.

„The relation between Romania and Poland is marked this year at top level: the visit paid by Romania’s President to Poland, which took place in March, and the visit of the Polish President to Romania, which will take place in October,” informed Cristian Diaconescu.

The high-level visits but also the periodic consultations on subjects of the European and international agenda strengthened and consolidated the relations between the two countries, which are now building a Romanian-Polish strategic partnership, added Daiconescu.

The Romanian chief diplomat voiced conviction that both countries would prove, by means of the stabilizing role they can ensure in Central and Eastern Europe, that „the new states coming from communism do not only have the willingness but also the capability to turn out to be powerful countries and peoples, capable of asserting their European role up to the standards set by the extremely prodigious history written by their peoples.”

„The role of the North Atlantic Alliance has become more and more important globally. Concurrently with the fall of the Iron Curtain and the states of the former communist bloc joining the Alliance, we have the same interests as regards the building of an alliance and a trans-Atlantic relation which should play a major role internationally and attain its aims of ensuring security at a global level,” also said Cristian Diaconescu after evoking the 600 year long history of the relations between the two countries.

He also mentioned that fact that, starting in 2003, the Romanian and Polish soldiers fought „shoulder to shoulder” in the operations theatres in Iraq, but also in Afghanistan.

„After the Second World War the two countries became members of the same political and military bloc and the year 1989 marks a new beginning of the bilateral relations, the two countries celebrating this year both the 20th anniversary of the Polish round-table conference and of the Romanian Revolution. In the past 20 years both countries had similar strategic priorities in their foreign policies, irrevocably joining the European and Euro-Atlantic road,” said Cristian Diaconescu.

At the same time the two states supported each other during the often difficult process of preparing their joining the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance, emphasized the Romanian chief diplomat, who added that, at present, the Romanian-Polish relations were defined by the status of EU and NATO member states, which have a wide range of common interests that are to materialize in a strategic partnership.

„The Romanian-Polish common interests cover a wide range of questions: the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU, the budget and institutional reform of the EU, the situation in the eastern neighbourhood of the EU, the European transport corridors, the energy security, the cooperation in the operations theatres,” enumerated Cristian Diaconescu.

In the end he conveyed the Polish people the warmest wishes for health, success and prosperity on the Constitution Day, which is celebrated on May 3.
President of the Romanian Academy Ionel Haiduc also pointed to the good relations between the two states. He also referred to the „cordial relations” at the level of the cultural institutions.

„The Romanian Academy has excellent relations with the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, added Haiduc, who mentioned the first cooperation agreement between the two institutions, which was signed in 1966 and was renewed periodically,” said Haiduc.

Poland’s Ambassador in Bucharest Wojciech Zajaczkowski, members of the joint history commission of the two academies, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Romania, personalities of the academic world and the civil society as well as representatives of the media also attended the above-mentioned symposium.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Bucharest, Metropolitan Bishop Ioan Robu, evoked the visit paid by Pope John Paul II to Romania in 1999.
The 90th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Romania and Poland was also marked by opening an exhibition of diplomatic documents.

The event hosted by the Romanian Academy is also devoted to the 70th anniversary of the refuge taken to Romania by the President, the Government, by a part of the army and civil population as well as the treasure of the National Bank of Poland after this country was invaded by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, in September 1939.

Romania and Poland established diplomatic relations at the level of provisional representative offices on February 9, 1919. On May 31, 1919 the relations were raised to the level of legation. On May 31, 1938 the diplomatic missions were raised to the rank of embassy.
On October 28, 1930 the diplomatic relations were suspended and were resumed in 1945.

After Poland got its state independence again, the two countries in 1921 concluded an alliance treaty that also included military clauses. On January 26, 1949 they signed a treaty of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance, which was renewed on November 12, 1970.

The treaty on the friendship and cooperation relations between Romania and the Republic of Poland was signed in Bucharest on January 25, 1993, by Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Krzysztof Skubiszevski and his Romanian counterpart Teodor Melescanu.


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