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Puscas: EU experience can stay at basis of stepping out of economic crisis


The head of the Department for European Affairs (DAE) Minister Vasile Puscas attended the meeting of the EU Council of Ministers for Competitiveness, in Prague, on Tuesday.

„The EU enlargement process did not mean only a spatial development but had as a main goal the accelerated modernization of all the member states, including the new ones that joined the EU in 2004 and 2007,” Puscas said during the meeting whose topic was the analysis of the effects of the five years since the biggest EU enlargement wave, reads the release the minister’s Cabinet sent.

According to the release, in spite of criticizing the latest EU enlargement process, Minister Puscas emphasized that the costs benefits analysis shows that the last enlargement wave was unprecedented, not only quantitatively but also qualitatively and this proves the clear options for development of the states belonging to the former Eastern bloc, and which were seeking EU membership.

Likewise, the last enlargement wave generated the widest and most prolonged economic and social growth process and for both the old EU member countries and the European Union itself, it was a lesson that proved the fact that the integration process brings positive solutions at the regional and the global level. This positive experience can stay at the basis of the solution of stepping out of the current international economic crisis, DAE official said.


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