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Teaching staff unions sign agreement with MECI


7th and 8th graders will take on Thursday the Romanian language and literature national test, announced Minister of Education, Research and Innovation Ecaterina Andronescu, at the end of her meeting with the teaching staff unionists.

The Ministry of Education said that all the four unions in education have signed the agreement with the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation (MECI), Ministry of Public Finance (MFP), Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection. The agreement mainly provides the budget resources allocated to education, to be provided by MFP, without affecting the level of 2009 education staff’s pay. The document also provides the setting up in May, based on an Order of the Minister of Education, of a monitoring commission in charge with the evaluation of the way investment spending in education was and will be implemented, the finalization of decentralization principles and timetable, keeping tenure in the national education system and in future laws on education.

The agreement also provides the adoption of an European hierarchy model into the single pay law for the public employees, MECI going to promote the teaching staff placement as high as possible at the top of this hierarchy.

At the same time, the ongoing projects and research programmes will be continued through the corresponding budget allocations and by using engagement for loans.

According to the document signed on Wednesday, MECI and the social partners will start debates on the education laws on May 15.

The agreement also stipulates the needed funds for a number of beneficiaries of the ‘money for high schools’ scholarships for 2008-2009 academic year, as well as the announced strike suspension.

‘In case this agreed items will not be observed, education trade unions reserve their right to re-launch their protests’, stressed the document.

Minister Andronescu said that the convened agreement was assumed by the Prime Minister and that he was to sign it.


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