The Romanians will vote on June 7, starting 7 AM


There will be 18,3 17 polling stations, organized in Romania and abroad. In Bucharest, there will be 1,222 polling stations. Abroad, the biggest number of stations are in the United States – 19, Italy – 16, Spain and France, nine each.
The votes will put the stamp on the ballot paper on the list of the party they vote with.
The ballot end at 9 PM.

The Romanians can vote with the identity paper issued by the Romanian state, be if identity card, temporary identity card, the ID, the diplomatic passport, the electronic diplomatic passport, the official passport, the electronic official passport, the simple passport, the electronic simple passport, the temporary simple passport, and in the case of students and the military institutions, the education card or the militay card.

The passports can be used only by the Romanian citizens residing abroad, or who are abroad when the vote is cast.
The Romanians abroad can vote, even if they are tourists, they can vote at any polling station abroad, organized by the diplomatic missions or the consular offices of Romania and who are registered on the additional lists.

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