Basescu: Justice makes big abuse by subordinating the state budget

Justice makes a big abuse by subordinating the state budget, said President Traian Basescu, late on Tuesday, on public TV, with reference to a petition he addressed to the Constitutional Court, as regards the request for the solving of a legal conflict, constitutional in nature, among the legal authority, on the one hand and Parliament and Government, on the other hand.

„We currently are in a very grave situation, that is what I believe. I have seen that many people are angry, but I have the right to a different opinion, every citizen has the right to have an opinion, and my point of view, the Constitutional Court can reject it, is that currently justice is making a big abuse, subordinating the state budget. It is not the job of justice. Justice can apply the law, not create the law, ” Basescu stressed.

He voice conviction that his petition will not affect the monitoring on justice made this day by a team of representatives of the European Commission.
„It would be of help to us if justice judged more rapidly, if the files of grand-scale corruption „moved”. It is in vain that they are sent to court, no such file does „move”. It would be of great help to us if the credibility of justice changed in front of the litigants,” he also said.

The head of state stressed that the bonuses paid to the magistrates, following trials won in justice would amount to 200 million euros, and over 400 million euros have to be paid this year.

Asked why he did not react more rapidly, he said that so far Parliament and the Government, although they were much more affected by this situation, did not notify the Constitutional Court.

„Now, I have considered such a thing is no longer possible (…) There are magistrates who did not make such a complaint to the Constitutional Court.
„I believe now things cannot go this way (…). There are also magistrates who did not make such complaints, but they are not many, they are young magistrates, in any case, it is something I appreciate very much. The legal power has gone to a different direction, which shows lack of responsibility, it is hard for me to say it, ” Basescu also said.
„He added there are other categories applying the same procedures, asking for bonuses in justice.

„From city halls, from county councils, from ministries, from the Court of Account. Controllers with the Court of Account filed complaints that they are auditing institutions working with European money and which have a bonus of 75 percent, that is why they asked justice to give, them too, bonuses of 75 percent, Basescu gave as an example.

President Basescu said on Monday that he complained to the Constitutional Court with a request for the solving of a legal conflict, constitutional in nature, between the judicial authority, on the one hand, and Parliament and Government, on the other hand, the reason for this action, is that legal power exceeds its prerogatives.

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