Basescu: Social crisis, two digit unemployment

President Traian Basescu said, late on Monday, in a TV broadcast, that one can say Romania will cross a social crisis, the moment unemployment will be a two-digit one, but he added that the forecasts of the state institutions show that currently there is no such prospect, if things are managed correctly.

We can reach 6 percent in unemployment, or 6.5 percent, but not two-digit unemployment. I would allow to say, as a politician that the moment when unemployment reaches two digits, we could speak of a social crisis. But until then, we have the duty to do our best in order to avoid this slippage, ” Basescu also said.
He pointed out that during the period of crisis it is important for the politicians not to make an electoral compromise.

„The risk with us is to mistake the behaviour which we have to have in a situation of economic crisis with an electoral behaviour and, at that moment, we will certainly go into a social crisis. Of course, now the problem is what one understands by social crisis, and it is not me who sets the criteria. As a politician I can look at an essential element: the unemployment rate. We can say we can reach a social figure, if we reach around 10 percent unemployment, it is clear that we will have big social problems, ” he added.

He also said that if Romania does not manage its economic realities with much attention and determination, there is the risk of a social crisis, which has already started in Europe.

„If the government cannot be strong enough when faced with the social pressure, as you can see, currently everything that is discussed is related to raises in salaries in education, in the public administration, in healthcare, it is sure that currently, when it moved in only one sector, the avalanche can no longer be stopped, ” Base scu stressed.

He admitted that the concerns related to the loss of jobs are justified, because Romania depends on what is going on in the EU, where the economic depreciation is stronger and stronger.


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