Candidates to officially enter race for European elections on Friday

6 political parties, an electoral alliance and two independent candidates will enter on May 8 the electoral campaign for the European Parliament election due on June 7. The stake is represented by the 33 mandates which Romania will hold in the European legislative body.

Due to enter the race will be representatives of PD-L (Democrat Liberal Party), PNL (National Liberal Party), UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania), PRM (Greater Romania Party), PNTCD (Christian-Democratic National Peasants’ Party ) and Civic Force, as well as representatives of the PSD+PC Alliance (Social Democrat Party + Conservative Party) and two independent candidates: Elena Basescu, younger daughter of Romania’s president and Pavel Abraham, former Chief of the Romanian Anti-Drug Agency.

PD-L submitted the first the lists of candidates

The first party that registered the lists of candidates at the Central Electoral Bureau was the Democrat Liberal Party. The list opens fisrt vice-presidnet of PD-L Theodoir Stolojan, followed by former justice minuister Monica Macovei, journalist Traian Radu Ungureanu, presidential adviser Cristian Preda, incumbent MEPs Marian Jean Marinescu, Iosif Matula, Sebastian Bodu, Constantin Luhan, Rares Niculescu, lawyer Oana Antonescu, Constantin Dumitriu, Dragos Florin David, Elvira Andronescu, Alexandru Nazare andi Calin Rus.

PSD and PC together at European polls

The list of the PSD+PC candidates opens Adrian Severin, followed by Rovana Plumb, former Minister of Defence Ioan Mircea Pascu, MEPs Adriana Ticau and Corina Cretu, Victor Bostinaru, Sabin Cutas (PC), Catalin Sorin Ivan.
Other candidates are Viorica Dancila, Minodora Cliveti, Aristide Roibu, Viorel Marian Dragomir, Marius Oprescu, Alin Lucian Antochi, Lucian Balut.

PNL list opened by Norica Nicolai

Opening the PNL list of MEP candidates is Norica Nicolai, who is followed by Adina Valean, Renate Weber and Ramona Manescu, the last three of whom are already MEPs. The remaining places are occupied by Cristian Busoi, Ben-Oli Ardelean, Ovidiu Silaghi, Mogor Csibi, Catalin Turliuc and Cristian Cojocaru, Ionel Muscalu, Iulian Suugiu, Radu Puscariu and Eduard Hellvig.

UDMR participates in European elections together with National Council of Hungarians in Transylvania

The (Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania and the National Council of Hungarians in Transylvania (CNMT) decided to [participate together in the European elections, presenting a list of the ‘Hungarian solidarity.’

The list opens bishop Laszlo Tokes, candidate of the CNMT, followed by Winkler Gyula and Csaba Sogor, both from UDMR, who are alos MEPs represneting this party. The fourth place is held by another representative of the National Council of Hungarians in Transylvania, Szilagyi Zsolt and the fifth place is held by a representative of the UDMR youth organisation, Kovacs Peter.

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