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Candidates to officially enter race for European elections on Friday


EU citizens residing in Romania may vote for Romanian candidates

European Union citizens who want to cast their ballots in Romania may vote for Romanian candidates, provided they are registered with the special electoral rolls.

EU citizen voters, others than Romanians, with a residence or domicile in Romania have to apply to be registered with the special electoral rolls at least 60 days ahead of the election day.
The applications have to be filed with the mayor’s offices with authority over the areas where the residence or domicile is located, accompanied by a valid identity document.

The line-up on the ballot paper

The Central Electoral Bureau has devised the line-up for the June 7 European election on the ballot paper by draw.
Opening the list is PNL, followed by UDMR, PD-L, the PSD+PC Alliance, PNTCD, Forta Civica, PRM, Elena Basescu and Pavel Abraham.

Observer accreditation

Accreditation of the internal observers recommended by Romanian NGOs, about which the AEP is satisfied are meeting the legal requirements in force, will be carried out by the county election offices, the election offices of the Bucharest districts or the election office for the vote abroad, as appropriate, upon the written request of the NGO executives, which has to be filed five days in advance of the election day, at the latest, according to a BEC decision.

The accreditation applications drawn up by the NGO executives will be accompanied by statements about non-affiliation with political parties of the people recommended for internal observers, as well as certificates issued by AEP.

European elections in all EU member states

This is the first time when the European election for a full five-year term in office is organised in Romania.
The almost 18 million Romanian voters will join 375 million more European voters in the process to select the only trans-national and multilingual parliament in the world directly elected. The European Parliament is also the only European Union institution directly elected.

On November 25, 2007, the first European election was held in Romania and the winners were awarded seats for nearly two years.
Running in the 2007 European election in Romania were 13 political parties and a non¬affiliated – Laszlo Tokes.
Winning MEP seats were PD, PSD, PLD, PNL, UDMR and Laszlo Tokes.

The losers were PNG-CD, PRM, the National Initiative Party (PIN), PC, the Christian Democratic National Peasant Party (PNTCD), the Pro Europpa Roma’s Party, the Socialist Alliance Party and the Green Party.
PD won 13 seats that were distributed to Sorin Frunzaverde, Roberta Anastase, Petru Filip, Monica Iacob-Ridzi, Marian-Jean Marinescu, Maria Petre, Rares Niculescu, Marian Zlotea, Dragos David, Mihaela Popa, Constantin Dumitriu, Nicodim Bulzesc and Sebastian Bodu.

PSD won ten seats, distributed to Titus Corlatean, Adrian Severin, Rovana Plumb, Daciana

Sarbu, Catalin Nechifor, Silvia Ticau, Ioan Pascu, Gabriela Cretu, Corina Cretu and Victor Bostinaru. PNL won six seats, distributed to Renate Weber, Daniel Daianu, Adina Valean, Cristian Busoi, Ramona Mane scu and Magor-Imre Csibi.
PLD, with three MEP seats, was represented by Theodor Stolojan, Dumitru Oprea and Nicolae Vlad Popa.
UDMR won two seats, distributed to Gyorgy Frunda and Csaba Sogor.


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