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Candidates to officially enter race for European elections on Friday


Corneliu Vadim Tudor and George Becali heading the Greater Romania Party (PRM) ticket

Despite its having delayed working out and filing the tickets until the final lap of the process, PRM managed to produce sensation, coming up with a surprise candidate, George Becali.

President of the Greater Romania Party, Corneliu Vadim Tudor, announced that business tycoon Gigi Becali joined the party and would run for the European Parliament on second position of the PRM ticket.

Also on the PRM ticket for European Parliament elections are former Senator Dan Claudiu Tanasescu – who returned to PRM; Eugen Mihaescu Angela Balan, Dumitru Avram and Dan Zamfirescu.

Christian Democratic National Peasant Party (PNTCD) enters electoral race

PNTCD president Marian Petre Milut tops the party’s list of MEP candidates.
The Christian-Democrats raised more than 300,000 signatures for the party to enter the election race.

Topping the list of candidates are Marian Petre Milut, Eugen Moiescu, Florin Diaconu, Mircea Schei, Ana Comanescu, Dorin Caba and Marius Popovici.
‘Civic Force’ gets way to EP elections paved… in court.
At first rejected by the Central Election Bureau (BEC), the ‘Civic Force’ earned its right to run for EP in court.

The Central Election Bureau turned down the party’s candidacy after voiding 17,605 out of the total 207,731 signatures of support filed by the formation. The Civic Force challenged the decision in court.

The Bucharest Court dismissed the first lawsuit, but the Court of Appeal handed down a ruling in favor of the ‘Civic Force’.
Battling for a seat in the European Parliament on behalf of the Civic Force will be Adrian Stefan Iurascu, Cristian Obrocea, Sergiu Fendrihan, Adrian But and Emil Dumitrescu. The list of the formation comprises 29 names.

Elena Basescu, running as independent candidate

President Traian Basescu’s younger daughter, Elena, registered for the race for a EP seat as an independent, collecting 280,000 signatures.

Elena Basescu declared that the frame of mind she sets off in the electoral race with is not winning, but the conviction that she has to try.

Asked about her priorities, she replied: „In the first place I will return to PD-L.” Elena Basescu decided to resign from PD-L and run as an independent so as not to „put the party in the situation to opt between her and the intelligentsia” – in an allusion to criticism by Alina Mungiu Pippidi, president of the Romanian Academic Society – and in order to spare her father ‘accusations of nepotism.’

Ex drug-fighting agency head Pavel Abraham, eyeing EP

Pavel Abraham, former head of the National Anti-dug Agency (ANA) also registered as independent candidate for the European Parliament.
Pavel Abraham retired at the end of 2008, after former Minister of the Interior Cristian David ordered him off ANA.

May 8: Election campaign kick-off

During the election campaign, candidates, political parties, political and electoral alliances and organizations of citizens belonging to national minorities that participate in elections have the right to freely express their opinions without any discrimination, through meetings, marches, conventions and through mass media.


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