Conflicts in the area loom over Black Sea Cooperation Programme

The unfolding of the Black Sea Operational cooperation Programme might be threatened by frozen conflicts or open conflicts in the area, on the occasion of the release of Programme on conflicts between Georgia and Russia, but also the conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan which have begun to surface.

Romania is a joint management authority for this programme, worth 18.8 million euros, financially endorsed by the European Union (EU) and which aims the strengthening of economic, social and cultural cooperation in the area by programmes sustained in partnership between these countries.

Despite tensions that broke out at the conference on the release of the project, the authorities of Bucharest, but also in Georgia, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation, as well as representatives of the European Commission said they were optimistic about the programme.

‘The programme is devoted to the cooperation in the region, at economic, environment and cultural level. Allowing for the limited offer of funds, at the same time with the release of the first demand for projects, financing applications may be submitted as of May 6 for about 4.6 million euros and each region of the programme has to associate as soon as possible and to submit feasible projects,’ said Romanian minister of Regional Development and Housing, Vasile Blaga.


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