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Employees from ArcelorMittal Galati to be temporarily sent in layoff


The management of ArcelorMittal based in Galati (eastern Romania) on Tuesday announced trade unions it is going to temporarily send its employees from the metallurgical plant in layoff, starting next week.

The employers’ union announced trade unions all of the 11,500 workers will be sent home, by turns, for ten days, after a schedule to be pre-established by the unit’s management.
The TESA employees instead will work four days a week, for ten wrrks.

Regardless of how the employers decide to proceed with their workers to be temporarily sent home, they will all get 85 percent of their wage. Employees will be sent home starting with May 11, with possible delays of a few days to intervene.

In the same day, the company made public its offer for those among the 1,200 employees from the coke-chemical plant, who voluntarily want to leave. They will receive between 10,000 and 25,000 lei, as well as between 8 and 24 net wages, to be paid in monthly instalments.

There were already registered as many as 300 requests for voluntarily leaving at the human resources department, with the offer remaining open for the other 1,200 employees. For those who will not take this offer and will prefer to stay employed, the plant decided to set up a new department, to be specialized in professional reorientation.

There also exists another scheme for layoffs at the plant, with 1,100 employees having used it when they left by their own will over December 2008- March 2009 and other 1,600 waiting for the answer of the employer’s commission for approval of their leaving files.

The 1,100 employees who leaved by their own will, depending on how long they have worked with the plant and their base salary, will get a fix amount between 10,000 and 25,000 lei, with the ones who worked between 6 and 24 months with the plant to get also the wage and with all social contributions paid.

According to data made available for trade unions by the management of ArcelorMittal Galati in 2009 the estimated production stands at 1.5 million tonnes of steel, with the volume of final products having dropped from more than 300,000 tonnes per month to 100,00 tonnes per month. Estimates indicate a maximum production worth 3 million euros per year over 2010-2012. In 2008, Galati produced 4 million tonnes of liquid steel.


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