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Festival EUROPAfest 2009


Over May 7-13 Bucharest hosts the jazz, blues and pop music festival EUROPAfest 2009. The festival will open on May 7 with a concert devoted to the celebration of Europe Day, which is given in partnership with the representative office of the European Commission in Romania.

Starting in 1993, the most complex event devoted to jazz and classic music is held every year over May 7-13. It was named Jeunesses Musicales in the beginning.
During the seven days of the festival several competitions, concerts, jam sessions and workshops on musical themes are scheduled to be held, the entire event bringing together more than 300 musicians coming from over 50 countries.

The most important event of the EUROPAfest is Jeunesses International Music Competition, a competition bringing together musicians divided into 4 age groups, between 6 and 30. The competition subjects alternate with every year between violin, flute, clarinet, piano and composition. This year we shall see the violin playing competition and next year, the piano playing one.

Starting in 2007, EUROPAfest also hosts a jazz music competition in which troupes from several countries both from Europe and from other continents take part. Between May 8 and 13 they will hold the Bucharest International Jazz Competition, the competition featuring 21 troupes from 18 countries.

Between May 7 and 12, at Hard Rock Cafe, there is the Caffe Festival, a number of live jazz, pop and blues concerts given by troupes from Romania and abroad.
The Laureates’ Gala is the event concluding the 7 days of EUROPAfet by a performance during which the winners of the jazz and classic music competitions will get their prizes.


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