Minister of Youth meets director in DG EAC of European Commission

Minister of Youth and Sport Monica Iacob-Ridzi on Wednesday, at the headquarters of the Ministry, met director of Youth, Sport and Citizenship in Directorate-General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) of the European Commission (EC) Pierre Mairesse.

During the talks they emphasized the necessity of continuing efforts meant to get a legislative and institutional harmonization in keeping with the community principles and the European legislation in force.
Minister of Youth and Sport Monica Iacob-Ridzi stressed the fact that this meeting „comes at a historic moment for the youth policy of the European Union, considering the fact that, on April 27, 2009, the European Commission adopted the new EU strategy on youth.”

At the same time the talks also dealt with the subject of the growth of the degree of European fund absorption by means of programmes for youth, the setting up again of the Ministry of Youth and Sport being presented as a guarantee of the efforts made in this respect.

„The new organization chart of the Ministry of Youth and Sport includes two new directorates: Harmonization of Legislation and Management of Community Funds. Thus, one stimulates the increase of the capability to absorb the funds offered by the EU,” said the Minister of Youth.

The European official emphasized in his message the satisfaction of the European Commission with the way the programme „Youth in Action” was managed.
„We are very satisfied with the progress made in point of the number of projects, their quality and the number of participants,” said director Pierre Mairesse.

During the talks they revealed the fact that the challenges of the Ministry of Youth and Sport relied on the European subjects, starting with the aims that are necessary for the development of the youths’ personality as social individuals to the strategic elements that are proper to the active citizenship and implicitly to training the young people as European citizens.

The Minister of Youth and Sport mentioned the fact that the goals of the Ministry were based on the concrete national and European needs of the young people in Romania. In this respect they plan to carry out some projects that got financing from the European Social Fund.


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