PM Boc: The measures taken so far aim to curb tax evasion


The measures taken by the Government so far aim to prevent or nullify tax evasion, as the case may be, and sustain business under the current hard economic conditions, Prime Minister Emil Boc told the opening of TIMM 2009 small and medium-sized enterprises trade convention.

Boc underscored that the Budget is oriented toward job creation, and the absorption of European funds became a top priority.

He mentioned that the Government managed to achieve in four months what its predecessor did in two years in terms of projects suggested and projects accepted for funding.

‘There are optimistic conditions that make us hope the business milieu will improve,’ said Boc.
The prime minister also said that authorities are working on making good on their promises to exempt reinvested profits from taxation in an attempt to support the business milieu and simplify tax legislation.

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