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Premier Boc thanks teachers for understanding restrictions imposed by crisis


Premier Emil Boc thanked on Wednesday the teaching staff, who gave up protesting and understood the „restrictions” Romania had to face at this time of crisis.

„I want to thank the teaching staff for understanding the restrictions we have to face, to thank the trade unions for giving pride of place to the pupils’ interests to the detriment of trade union interests or interests of a different kind after the negotiations they had with the empowered structures of the Government.

It is important for pupils to go on studying independently of the existence of this economic crisis. It is important for the academic year to go on as it was not fair for the teachers and parents to be affected by the existence of the circumstances of the economic crisis and the budget implications,” said Emil Boc.

The Head of Government assured the teachers that the Government would fulfil all the pledges it had made.
„The salaries of the teachers will be paid, They will not be diminished. No pupil will go without a teacher in class, no teacher in class will go unpaid,” the Premier assured the teaching staff.

The Prime Minister said that there were no „magical” solutions to this economic crisis, there were only „sensible” solutions pertaining to the „efficient use of the public money.”

„We can no longer be irresponsible and spend everything today without caring for tomorrow,” added the Premier.
Emil Boc made it clear that, by the end of the year, the Government would try to find solutions to raise or index low salaries.


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