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President Basescu wishes success to Corps of Navy Technicians


„Many happy returns of the day and much success,” this is President Traian Basescu’s wish to the members of the Corps of the Navy Technicians on its 100th anniversary.

„The centenary anniversary of the Corps of the Navy Technicians offers me the moving opportunity to speak to you, the members of a professional military structure of the law-based state, and congratulate you for your perseverance, abnegation and the manly way in which you fulfil your constitutional missions.

As I feel spiritually connected to your noble and beautiful profession of sailors, every event the Romanian Navy celebrates is for me a moment of joy and satisfaction,” says Traian Basescu in his message.

„During this festival I want us to pay homage, together with the ones that went down in Romania’s history due to their sacrifice, to the technicians that were war veterans, the reserve and retired navy technicians who, in the course of time, contributed, shoulder to shoulder, to the high prestige and professional standard of this category of staff,” said Basescu.

The Head of State added that, like the entire army, the Corps of the Navy Technicians underwent a complex process of change and re-sizing so that „today it represents a basic segment of human resources” of the Naval Forces.

Traian Basescu voices conviction that this field will continue its process of development and modernization.

President Base scu informed that, as a token of recognition to the efforts made by the members of the Corps of Navy Technicians, he arrived the proposals of the Minister of National Defence on conferring the Military Virtue medal, third class, to a number of 49 navy technicians.


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