Romanians in Spain have the same privileges and problems like the Spanish


Romanians in Spain are European residents, have the same rights and problems like the Spanish, MEP Jaime Major Oreja , the Conservatives’ candidate for the European Parliament told Romanian journalists in Madrid on Wednesday night.

„I make no difference between Romanians and Spanish MEPs and I see them as having exactly the same preoccupations and rights like the other European citizens,” Jaime Major Oreja said.

In his opinion, though it is obvious the languages are different, these are two nations with different origins, but the issues related to rights and difficulties are the same and so are the future challenges.

” That is why, he says, the Spanish Conservatives are urging Romanians „to support the EU’s most important group , that of the European People’s Party, vote the change and with it, the end of a phase that brought unemployment to Spain.

Creating jobs is a solution to the Europeans’ most biggest problems: „they need a party able to create jobs,” he explained.

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