Vice-Premier Dan Nica: We fulfilled decentralization objectives

Vice-Premier Dan Nica presented on Wednesday, at the start of the Government’s meeting, the phase reached in the decentralization process, saying that the current Cabinet succeeded to fulfill its proposed objectives in the fields of agriculture, health care, education, culture and local police.

„We succeeded to fulfill all our objectives. Today we have the bill on local police prepared, which will allow all local authorities to have an instrument available, so that they get involved in all it means public order and safety. This is a significant step towards what decentralization means related to the local activities”, said Dan Nica.

He announced that the Ministry of Agriculture readied the bill on decentralization in the field of agriculture, so that the institutions in this field can run their activities „closer to the people” working in this sector.

According to Nica, in the health care field, all hospitals will be subordinated to the local authorities, according to categories: those in the category of cities and municipalities will be subordinated to the local, city councils, respectively municipalities, county residences and the county ones to the county councils.

Referring to the youth linked activities and sports, with the exception of those connected to high-level performances, detailed by some professional annexes, they will be subordinated to the local authorities, with the ban to change their destination for 99 years, added the Vice-Premier.

„From our point of view, we have attained the main objectives of the decentralization process. There is still the Ministry of Transport, where it is not decentralization, but the company privatization and participation to the share capital of the companies presenting local interest”, the Vice-Premier also said.

As for the Ministry of Culture, the bill is yet to be finalized, said Nica.
In his turn, Premier Emil Boc said that the decentralization process „entered the straight line”, the same as the single pay law for the public employees.


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