Vice-Premier Nica: We’ll take on German salary model


The single pay law for the public sector staff must be urgently applied in Romania and the most appropriate model is the German one, vice-Premier Dan Nica said at a Wednesday meeting with the trade union leaders in the education sector.

Nica believes the German pay model, that can be enforced in Romania very quickly, will also solve the problem of the educational staff, since they will be paid in keeping with their social importance.

The vice-premier will unveil several normative acts on decentralisation at the Government’s meeting on Wednesday.
Such acts refer the Police reorganisation, the decentralisation of the health care sector by transferring the hospitals to the local communities, the decentralisation of farming, the reorganisation of the sport activity by leasing out the sport compounds to the local authorities, who will have the obligation not to change their current use for 99 years.

As far as the decentralisation of education is concerned, a working group of 21 union leaders in the education sector will meet 21 officials of the local public administration in order to establish the concrete ways of the decentralisation of education.
Nica commended the trade union leaders’ responsible attitude, stressing that they proved they are not concerned with the pay only, but also with the development of the entire educational system.

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