Electrical Dacia car, imagined by a student

Liviu Tudoran, a 19 year old from Tecuci (north-east of Bucharest) created a”Dacia Shift” concept, a 100 percent electrical car. The model was thought for Bucharest after 2012, with a design inspired by Dacia Duster and by contemporary architecture.

Shift is an independent project, Dacia brand not being involved into this concept, Adevarul daily reports on Thursday.
The auto salons lately drew visitors’ attention mainly through the exhibited electrical prototypes. Environment protection is the core around which the new car concepts are made.

Cities are increasingly crowded, transport derived pollution is rampant and the oil crisis determined Liviu Tudoran, a student with the Arts University in Bucharest, to create the future Dacia concept.

Liviu is a graduate of the informatics high school in Tecuci, Galati County. Now he gets ready to leave for Torino on a three-year scholarship in the „auto design” field, funded by Italians.

The model is called Dacia Shift and Liviu Tudoran created it to meet tomorrow cities’ exigencies, but mainly of Bucharest’s in a few years time.
„I called it Shift because I see it as a model for a change, of the passing to a better time”, confessed the young man.

He chose to create an electrical concept because in his opinion the future is „green”.

„We will all arrive there in the end, to cars without needing fossil fuel and which will be beneficial to the environment”, said Liviu Tudoran. He conceived the car alone and completed it in just ten days. The model has a unique design, inspired by the Duster concept, Dacia presented as a first at the Geneva Auto Salon.

„The design was inspired from the new Dacia identity and from the contemporary architecture of the buildings”, said Liviu.
Despite that he does not think such a model will be adopted too soon by Dacia-Renault.

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