Energy sector restructuring

Energy sector is to be restructured again, and some 2,000 jobs will disappear in the upcoming period, most with the National Coal Company (CNH) and the National Lignite Company Oltenia (SNLO, south), announced on Thursday State secretary with the Ministry of Economy (ME) Tudor Serban, on Thursday, on the occasion of the „Energy Focus” conference.

„We have to take restructuring measures with serious social impact, in case sector projects are not implemented. We must layoff people, mainly miners”, said Tudor Serban.

According to him, the programme of reform and restructuring is mainly needed as for services and maintenance. Some 650 CNH staff will go into early retirement, a similar number at SNLO, as well, whereas some other companies are expected to down size, with 50 – 100 job cuts.

Tudor Serban stressed that between 50 – 100 staff will be laid off from the large thermal stations, Turceni, Rovinari, Isalnita, Deva, Paroseni, Carbonifera Ploiesti and Doicesti.

Some 500 redundancies will be made throughout the year in this activity zone.
ME official underlined that new re-organization solutions of the energy system are needed in order to bolster its reaction capacity and to make it sustainable and credible.

He emphasized that one of the main issues is the failure to privatize the production sector. Despite numerous privatization intentions the process stopped there because investors wanted guarantees related to MW medium and long-term tariffs.


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