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Exhibition devoted to Europe’s Day to open at Cotroceni Museum


Europe Mirrored in Maps is the exhibition devoted to Europe’s Day representing an incursion in the old cartography from the 15th to the 18th centuries, showing extremely valuable maps, some of them unique or rare editions, and it is due open at the Cotroceni National Museum, on Saturday May 9.

The event is staged in partnership with the EU Commission’s Representative Office in Brasov (central Romania), the Curtea Domneasca National Museums Complex of Targoviste (southern Romania) the Admiral Vasile Urseanu Astronomic Observatory and supported by collector Ovidiu Sandor.

Through the exhibition, the organizers aim at spotlighting both the development of the image of our Old Continent, throughout its history, and that of the Cartography starting with the first maps showing Europe of the 15th century, continuing with the big European cartography schools till the first modern maps drawn during the 17th century. The cartography’s development as an independent science was closely related to the printing’s progress.

Among the most valuable exhibits it is worth mentioning the Chronicle of Nurnberg Incunable and maps signed by founders of the modern cartography such as Gerhard Mercator, Abraham Ortelius, by the representatives of the main European cartography schools of the 17th century namely Guilelmus Blaeu of the Dutch School, Guillaume de ľIsle, Nicolas Sanson, Nicolas de Fer of the French School an Johann Baptist Homann belonging to the German School.

The Romanian Principalities are also present in the exhibition either through the maps by the local cartographers such as Johanes Honterus, Dimitrie Cantemir or the High Steward Constantin Cantacuzino or through maps by Giuseppe Rosaccio, Abraham Ortelius or Nicolas Sanson, showing the Romanian space.

Likewise, as the U.N. and UNESCO have declared the year 2009 the Year of Astronomy, the exhibition will also show astronomical instruments of the 19th century.

The exhibition opens in Romania the series of events marking the European Year of Creation and Innovation whose main goal is to promote the role the creativity and the innovation play in the personal, social and economic development and the encouragement of good practices, boosting education, research and debates on such topics.

Also to attend the opening ceremony is expected the EU Commissioner for Multilingualism Leonard Orban.
The exhibition will be hosted in the Cotroceni Museum’s Medieval Halls over May 9-30.


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