Foreign diplomats on Agraria trade fair

Austria’s presence in the Agraria agricultural trade fair has constantly increased over the past years. In 2008, Austria mounted its first stand in this fair, while this year there are 15 Austrian companies displaying, Austrian ambassador in Bucharest Martin Eichtinger said on Wednesday in Cluj-Napoca, the city hosting the convention.

Eichtinger is a visitor second-time Agraria visitor. He says Agraria is one of the largest agricultural conventions in Romania. He said that agriculture connects Romania and Austria in a special way, and there are many things in common between the two countries, including a similar percentage of farmerss working under harsh natural conditions in undeveloped areas.

The Netherlands is also a second-time Agraria exhibitor. Dutch ambassador Jaap L. Werner says the trade fair, this year in its 15th edition, is developing by the year.

Danish ambassador in Bucharest Ulrik Helweg-Larsen says he can offer the best recommendations for Romanian products. Denmark is a first-time Agraria exhibitor, but the Dutch ambassador says he is convinced Danish presence is standing all the chances of becoming a tradition.


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