GSS poll: Those interested and those not interested in politics share almost equal percentages

Over half (50.2 percent) of the Romanians say they are not interested in politics, whereas 48.9 percent say they are, read data of the opinion poll conducted by the Group for Social Studies (GSS) 2000, over May 3-5 and published on Thursday.

Those interested in politics say they will vote in favour of the Social Democratic Party (PSD – in the ruling coalition) – 61.4 percent, the Greater Romania Party (PRM) – 60 percent, the National Liberal Party (PNL- in opposition) – 54.9, the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL – in the ruling collation) -59.4 percent, the New Generation Party (PNG) – 36.4 percent, the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR – in opposition) – 34.9 percent.

As much as 38.6 percent of the people who are not interested in politics would vote for PSD, 40 percent for PRM, 45.1 percent for PNL, 40.1 percent for PD-L, 63.6 percent for PNG, 65.1 percent for UDMR, 45.5 percent for independent Elena Basescu.

When asked whether politics influence their everyday life, 7.8 percent of the respondents answered ‘to a very large extent’, 40.8 percent answered to a „large extent”, 35.1 percent „to a small extent”, and 13.5 percent think that politics „does not influence their lives at all.’

The opinion poll also reads that 33.9 percent of the population are discontent with their living, 42.8 percent say they are neither pleased nor displeased, and 30.6 percent say they are pleased.

As for the Government’s main priorities, 31.4 percent of the respondents think it should be poverty, 29.2 percent, the job shortage, 28.8 percent the rise in the population’s incomes.

GSS 2000 was carrying out the poll by request of the Cooperation and Regional Development Association on a sample of 1,092 people older than 18, in 118 localities, 64 of them in towns or cities, 54 in the countryside and Bucharest Municipality.
The error margin for the total sample stands at 3 percent, guaranteed with a probability rate of 95 percent.


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