Health Minister denies allegation according to which swine flu would come from Romania

Health Minister, Ion Bazac, denied on Wednesday evening in a news conference the allegations according to which swine flu virus would come from Romania, an information broadcast by a news agency and taken over by several television channels.

Minister Bazac said such unchecked information could bring about panic among population and can be detrimental to Romania. He said the information that was broadcast by a news agency from Romania was a speculation.

‘Lately the World Health Organisation has established an extremely clear communications policy and this type of information can only be spread by relevant bodies – by the World Health Organisation, in the United States – by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. A report of the CDC Atlanta explains very clearly the origin and structure of the virus.

It has been scientifically proven that the main gene of the virus comes from the American continent, ‘ said Health Minister Bazac.

Bazac stressed that another argument is that according to which, although the flu pandemic outbroke two weeks ago, no case was reported in Romania, not even a suspicion of swine flu.

‘I consider that such information are totally contradicting the appeal to responsibility I made one day ago before media representatives. I cannot end this statement without thinking that not accidentally the owner of New York Times is a Mexican cement giant, who took over this newspaper 3 months ago and who probably has a certain type of economic agenda at the border with Mexico, ‘ said Bazac.

Prof. Dr. Adrian Streinu Cercel explained scientifically the structure of the virus. He said that five out of the eight genes of the virus originate from the American continent.

Cercel explained that these data belong to the CDC Atlanta and the European bodies. Cercel added that the virus tries always to go beyond the barrier of species and when it manages, it may spread the infection to humans, but to do so it has to borrow from the virus which usually spreads the virus to humans, those genes which allow the connection to receptors.

‘In this case, the virus borrowed genes from the swine virus, from the bird virus and also borrowed genes from the human virus to allow it the connection to receptors. At present, this virus is known to give the infection with interhuman spread,’ said Streinu Cercel.

Professor dr. Geza Molnar voiced regret over this hasty information released from the Romanian media, all the more so as the CNA (Audio Visual Council) said that no information should be released to bring about panic among population.

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