It is in Romania’s best interest Moldova to remain under the sphere of influence of EU

Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc on Wednesday told the national television channel that Romania will continue to support the Republic of Moldova in getting closer to the EU, on the occasion of the upcoming summit launching the Eastern Partnership.

‘This is an important time for the EU, with the body proving its will for enhancing openness to the eastern countries. Our interest is the Republic of Moldova to remain under the EU sphere of influence. We believe the future of the Republic of Moldova is in the EU, and we will support this Eastern Partnership, implicitly for Moldova, for we want to see it there where democracy is real, that is in the EU,’ the PM said.

Emil Boc will participate on Thursday, in Prague, in the works of the summit occasioned by the launch of the Eastern Partnership.

‘This initiative crowns all the efforts made in the latest interval, including by Romania, to have EU pay more attention to its eastern neighbours. In its capacity as an EU member, neighbouring some of the eastern states in the EU target, and with special interests in the Black Sea area, Romania will be a direct beneficiary of the Eastern Partnership, with the initiative to contribute to a climate of stability and security in the Eastern region of Europe,’ reads the government’s release.

Vice-Premier Dan Nica and Secretary of State with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Mazuru will participate too in the summit in Prague.

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