Launch of PNTCD candidates for Euro-parliamentary election


The National Christian-Democratic National Peasant Party (PNTCD) (historic party), presented on Thursday, at Parliament Palace, its candidates for the Euro¬parliamentary election, with the organizers evoking the memory of regretted PNTCD leader Corneliu Coposu.

At the event projected were video-registering with the founder of PNTCD after 1989, Corneliu Coposu, with the message of the PNTCD leaders appealing firstly to the history of the party. The list of the PNTCD is opened by head of the party, businessman Marian Milut.

According to him, the objective of the possible PNTCD Euro-deputies is to promote „the economic patriotism'” and the Romanian companies in the European Union (EU).

„We are not talking about economic nationalism, but about economic patriotism. It is inadmissible that in Romania of the year 2009 not to have representative Romanian companies in the European Union” Milut said in his speech.”

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