MAE hails Czech Parliament’s ratifying Lisbon Treaty


Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) is hailing the finalisation of the parliamentary procedures for the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty by the Parliament of the Czech Republic, the country currently holding the half-year rotating presidency of the European Union.

As a result of the favorable vote on Wednesday of the Czech Parliament, the number of EU member states having finalised the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty at a parliamentary level is standing at 26, reads a press release issued by MAE.

MAE says the ratification by the Czech Parliament of the Lisbon Treaty is a positive signal ahead of the June summit of the European Council, and voices hope that this can thus approve the decisions needed for preparing the final ratification of the treaty in al the 27 member states.

MAE is attaching special interest to the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, and, as known, Romania was among the first member states to ratify it, reads the release.

In order to come into force, the Lisbon Treaty has to be ratified by all the 27 member states. The process is still underway in Germany and Poland, while Ireland has pledged to hold a new referendum by November.

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