‘Pages of Romanian diplomacy’ book launches at Titulescu House


‘Pagini din diplomatia Romaniei’ (Pages of Romanian diplomacy), published by the Association of Romanian Ambassadors and Career Diplomats was launched on Wednesday, May 6, at the Titulescu House of Bucharest, under the aegis of the Titulescu European Foundation.
The book is a collection of stories form 1960-1990 narrated by the participants, along with topical issues presented in 33 papers written by 25 retired diplomats.

The readers can thus find out from this book, which is likely to be followed by other equally interesting books, about how relations were established between the former Socialist Republic of Romania and the Former Federal Republic of Germany; the developments in the UK-Romania relationship between 1974 and 1980; the opening of the Romanian Library in Paris; the Dutch – Romanian, Romanian-Russian relations, including Romanian-Soviet relations, and an analysis of how Romania should develop its relationship with the Russian Federation.

The 1968 Soviet invasion of then Czechoslovakia also features in the book accompanied by Romania’s then position, which many countries not just the members of the Warsaw Pact could not afford, thus winning the respect of the world community; Ukraine’s candidature for NATO memberships; relations between Romania and China;

the role of Romania in the normalisation of relations between China and the US; Romanian-Korean relations; the role of the Romanian diplomacy in the end of the Vietnam War are also reconstructed in the book, along with papers about Romania’s contributions to the peace process in the Middle East, Romanian-Iranian relations, the geopolitics of natural resources in the Caspian area and Romania’s diplomatic activity at the UN and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Academician Florin Constantiniu mentioned two reasons why he believes ‘Pagini din diplomatia Romaniei’ is important. The first is that 20 years after a change of regime in Romania there is also a historical perspective of the time by 1989, while secondly, misinterpretations and denigration of the Romanian diplomacy under the communist regime have been accumulated over the past two decades and the time has come for the ‘historiography junk’ to be thrown away.

‘This book presents the extraordinary efforts deployed by Romania to gain an independent stature within the Soviet bloc as a country with its own positions, interests and voice,’ said Constantiniu.

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