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Parliament wants to develop relations between Romania and German states, says Senate’s vice-president


The development of the Romanian-German relations at the level of the German states, part of the ambitious project that the Romania Germany Friendship Parliamentary Group is currently developing, was one of the main topics approached, Senate’s Vice- President Anca Boagiu said during her meeting with Germany’s Ambassador Roland Lohnkamp, on Tuesday.

The meeting’s goal was to strengthen the role the Romania Germany Friendship Parliamentary Group plays, stressed Boagiu who proposed the German Embassy in Bucharest several activities due to happen in the near future.

‘It is a big project, having in view all the four years of the term-in-office, an ambitious one wherein the Group’s senators and deputies will have to commit themselves. As a matter of fact, the programme is the result of the desire of their commitment, of the proposals they made. (…)

We plan a couple of already scheduled actions, a debate during this parliamentary session, on the steps to be enacted both in Romania and Germany to fight against the economic crisis, and we plan a new bilateral meeting to discuss the Lisbon Treaty and the way the national parliaments implement the Treaty’s provisions, in spring. (…)

Last but not least, we also plan several actions to mark the 20th anniversary since the Fall of the Berlin Wall, to be also supported by the Friendship Group, the Embassy already having a far-reaching cultural agenda,” the Romanian official added.

The development of the relations with the German states, so that the German citizens should not be informed about Romania only from newspapers, but directly, on site, is the principle the Parliamentary Friendship Group’s activity relies on, said Boagiu.

‘We also discussed to set up new joint economic commissions, except that with Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg and certainly about strengthening the ties with the Romanian German Commerce Chamber for promoting the economic relations at the level of the German states,’ Boagiu explained.
The economic crisis has not affected the Romanian German economic ties yet, Boagiu added.

The Senate vice-president stressed that her talks with the German ambassador also approached the topic of the free movement of persons.
‘It is a topic of interest, in my opinion, because we have already overcome the two- year moratorium with Germany. During this period, each state needs its own manpower, and there will be problems related to redundancy and certainly solutions will be found at home and only later abroad,’ said Boagiu.

Not least, the talks also approached the topic of the role Romania plays in the security policy.
‘Being the external border of the European Union, practically the second longest border, Romania plays an extremely important role.

We have enjoyed the support by the other 26 EU member countries and the fact that there is a Black Sea Programme and the Eastern Partnership is just the result of the understanding at the European level of the role Romania plays in the European security policy,’ Anca Boagiu concluded.


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