PM Boc: Romania to convey message of full support for Eastern Partnership

Romania will convey a message of full support for the Eastern Partnership and the measures aimed at conferring substance to it as soon as possible, but the success of this initiative decisively depends on the political and practical commitment of partner states towards its goals, Prime Minister Emil Boc declared on Thursday before departing for the Eastern Partnership Summit in Prague.

The Prime Minister expressed his belief that the implementation of the Eastern Partnership can bring real and lasting benefits to the citizens of all participating states, showing that moving closer to the European Union – according to individual goals and aspirations – depends on the fulfillment of clear criteria related to European values and standards.

Boc remarked that this EU initiative is aimed at taking relations with partner countries at a higher level, by setting the conditions in place for political association and the deepening of economic integration.

„The Eastern Partnership will ground on common interests and efforts as well as on the commitment of the participants towards fundamental values such as democracy, rule of law, observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms, the principles of international law, market economy and good governance”, said Boc.

The Premier mentioned that the partnership that will be launched on Thursday in Prague has both a bilateral and multilateral dimension.

„The Eastern Partnership will have a bilateral dimension, aimed at strengthening individual relations with the EU, depending on the specific merits and aspirations. Partner states now see the prospect opening to them of establishing association agreements with the EU, free trade zones and having citizens moving freely, provided that the necessary criteria and conditions are met,” explained the Prime Minister.

As for the multilateral dimension of the Eastern Partnership, B oc said that it will provide a framework for cooperation, exchange of experience regarding transition, reform and modernization.

Thus, four thematic cooperation platforms will be organized, dedicated to democracy and good governance, economic integration and convergence with European policies, energy security and interpersonal contacts.

PM Emil Boc participates on Thursday in the works of the Summit releasing the Eastern Partnership, which take place in Prague. The Romanian delegation also includes Vice-Premier Dan Nica and Secretary of State with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Mazuru.

Attending the high-level meeting in Prague are the 27 EU countries, as well as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, as beneficiaries of the European neighborhood policy.

The joint declaration of the Eastern Partnership Summit will define the principles and objectives of a set of political and practical instruments intended to bring Eastern partners closer to the norms and standards of the European Union.

Moreover, the Eastern Partnership represents an opportunity of dialogue for the settlement of differences or frozen conflicts like those in Nagorno-Karabakh and Transdniester.
The Eastern Partnership was launched in May 2008 by Poland and Sweden, with support of the current Czech EU Presidency.

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