PNL launches its candidates for EP

The National Liberal Party (PNL, in opposition) launches on Thursday, at Parliament Palace, its candidates for the Euro-parliamentary election, due on June 7.

In the opening of the event, first vice-president of the National Liberal Party Ludovic Orban said that the Liberals will have to convey to the Romanian society, in this electoral campaign, its European values and principles. The PNL campaign will not be only a campaign convincing the Romanians to vote with the PNL.

It is a campaign in which the PNL will demonstrate that it is a European party, by vocation, which has always directed Romania to the EU. The Europe of today is based on individual freedom and by the respect of some rights and of the chance of everybody to succeed in life, as well as by solidarity, not imposed but made aware by every European citizen.

We have to convey these European ideas in a Romanian society which is governed by a political class, for the largest part non-European, a political class with two ruling parties, who know to lie, to threaten, and to take what they do not deserve, ” Orban said.

Ludovic Orban voiced conviction that PNL „will do its best in this electoral campaign and will have the capacity to demonstrate Romanians that the policy it is doing is one of responsibility and that has as an objective to bring Romania to the level of the European developed states.

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