President Basescu invited to attend conference celebrating 10 years since Pope John Paul II’s visit to Romania


President Traian Basescu is invited to attend on Friday a conference celebrating ten years since the late Pope John Paul II’s visit to Romania, to be organised at the Patriarchy Palace.

The conference will start with the screening of a documentary called ‘Papa in Romania’ (The Pope in Romania), by the Trinitas television channel of the Romanian Patriarchy in cooperation with the Romanian Television. The delegate of Pope Banedict XVI, President Basescu, Roman Catholic Ioan Robu and Patriarch Daniel of the Romanian Christian Orthodox Church will read out messages remembering the visit, which was the first by a Pope in a predominantly Orthodox country.

Assessing the importance of Pope John Paul II’s visit to Romania will be Andrei Riccardi, tenured professor of Contemporary History at the Roma Tre University, and Archbishop Nifon Mihaita of Targoviste.

Part of the celebrations will also be a photo exhibition called ‘The Joy of Meeting’ at the Europa Christiana Hall that comprises the highlights of Pope John Paul II’s visit to Bucharest.

At the end of the conference, the Romanian version of the book ‘Convivere. About the civilisation of living together’ by professor Andrei Riccardi, the founder of the Sant’Egidio Community, published by the Humanitas Publishing House, will be launched.

The celebrations will end with the unveiling of an anniversary plaque at the Conventus Hall of the Patriarchy Palace, where Pope John Paul II met the Saint Synod of the Romanian Christian Orthodox Church.

Also attending the events at the Patriarchy Palace will be high-ranking members of the Saint Synod of the Romanian Christian Orthodox Church, of the Roman Catholic Church of Romania, high- ranking central and local administration officers, retired Romanian dignitaries, academics and other guests.

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