Tabloids, stars of audiences, free newspapers lose readers

Tabloids go on drawing new readers especially against the background of the spectacular growth of newspapers Cancan and Click!

This is the segment that registered the most important evolution of the net audience (9 precent), according to the most recent data of the National Audience Study (SNA) corresponding to the time spanning January 2008-January 2009, which were taken up by Business Standard publication.

On the opposite side there are the free dailies and the magazines for teenagers, which witness important losses of readers.
Tabloids Cancan and Click! go on being the stars of these SNA data, managing to surpass both high- quality newspapers and the sports ones.

With an audience growing by 21.2 percent, up to a daily average number of readers amounting to 783,000, Cancan surpassed Gazeta sporturilor and Jurnalul National, coming immediately after the leading newspaper Libertatea, which witnessed a growth of 2.5 percent.

Daily Click! also surpassed Evenimentul zilei and Pro Sport, against the background of a number of readers that is larger by 27.3 percent. Lucian Romascanu, managing director of Cancan Media, said that the evolution of the tabloids in the readers’ preferences can be accounted for by their being quite accessible, by the visible and penetrating campaigns and by the contents meant for the audience at large.

On the other hand, the new data confirm the descending trend of many high-quality newspapers. The audience of daily Jurnalul National diminished by 1 percent, Evenimentul zilei newspaper lost 3.9 percent of its readers, Romania libera daily, about 2.7 percent, and the audience of newspaper Gandul dropped by 3.2 percent.

Having 8.3 percent less numerous readers, daily Ziua registered the most significant decrease of all the newspapers. The new data bring vaster audiences by 4 percent and 2.7 percent for Adevarul and Cotidianul respectively, newspapers that conducted marketing campaigns at the time under consideration.

The audience of the sports newspapers is slightly on the increase as the number of people reading Gazeta Sporturilor grew by 0.3 percent and the ones reading newspaper Pro Sport by 0.8 percent.

If the decline of the audience of the local newspapers went down to 0.8 percent, the free dailies saw a 4.4 percent decrease (only the titles present in both data deliveries were considered).

The most significant increases in magazines are to be assigned to the high-quality weeklies, whose audience evolved by 6 percent as well as the business publications, with an increase amounting to 5.6 percent. The segment of the mass-market publications for women registered a 4 percent vaster audience and the glossy ones grew by 2.6 percent.

The study was conducted by BRAT on a sample of 16,634 persons, representative for the population aged between 14 and 64 living in towns and cities. The period when these measurements were made was January 21, 2008-January 18, 2009.

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