Tarasiuk: Romania and Ukraine still have many problems to solve

Romania and Ukraine still have many problems to solve and they have to channel their efforts for finding solutions to them, said on Friday, at the Senate, head of the Committee for European Affairs of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine Boris Tarasiuk, who met with head of the Committee for foreign policy Titus Corlatean.

Tarasiuk also said that following talks, the conclusion has been reached that the intensification of the inter-parliamentary Romanian-Ukrainian dialogue has to be intensified at parliamentary level, in order to replace the contacts between the governments of the two countries.

„We have talked about how to complete the activity of the governments of the two countries with contacts at parliamentary level. We have reached the conclusion that we have to intensify the Romanian-Ukrainian inter-parliamentary dialogue.

This will not bring additional problems, it will create a new channel of communication, with its help solutions will be found.

We, Ukrainians, we are for the solving of this problems, and, as a diplomat, I have to say that, for the time being, unlike in other countries, we still have a lot of unsolved problems with Romania and we have to focus our efforts on finding a solution to them, ” said Tarasiuk.

Head of the Committee for foreign policy of the Senate Titus Corlatean stressed that the presence of the head of the Committee for European Affairs of the Ukrainian Rada is important, containing „a political message of interest and of openness from Ukraine.

„There are some major strategic targets of foreign policy of Ukraine, that is accession to the European Union and to NATO and in this respect, Romania is interested. I have confirmed today the position of Romania to get involved and to grant clear political and strategic support.

We have strategic interest that the European and the Atlantic family get extended in the Eastern space. The talks have been very good, open, useful. We have evoked concrete matters – problems related to the cooperation on a parliamentary plane, of late there has been some lack of involvement from the institutions, even those from the governmental administration.

I don’t want to say now who was more involved and who was not of a part and the other of the border, but it is clear that more openness and more involvement are necessary, ” stressed Corlatean.

He mentioned that the purpose of the meeting was to unblock and unfreeze certain aspects of the cooperation. At the same time, the head of the senatorial committee mentioned that talks were held also about the Bystroe canal, but that it has to be talked about rather at the level of the governments, with the observance, at the same time, of the international conventions.

„Parliament also said that „there was a mutual interest as regards the domestic political situation in the two countries, and a natural one, as regards the eastern space, the developments in the Republic of Moldova, with the points of view of the two sides being similar.

We, at the level of the Parliament of Moldova, we want to be much more active in the contacts with the Ukrainian colleagues. We can also offer expertise as regards the European integration, the Euro-Atlantic integration.

Last, but not least, we can talk much more relaxed, more democratically and more European-like about sensitive complex topics, which have remained unsolved on the bilateral agenda.

First, the problem of the national minorities, the Romanian minority in Ukraine, the way it is protected, matters related to the education in the mothertongue, the resources allocated, the Cultural Institute, Corlatean also said.
On the occasion of the meeting agreed was a visit of the speaker of the Senate Mircea Geoana to Ukraine.

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