Underground Festival in Arad to also have a film section

The 7th edition of the Arad – Fun underground festival, to be held over May 11-21 in Arad (western Romania), is to include a film section too, starting with this year’s edition.

There are 40 shows registered with the upcoming Festival already.

‘This festival, already at the 7th edition, surprised even us. In early January, we found ourselves under a lot of pressure: we received numerous from foreign companies wanting to participate,’ theatre critic Victor Scoradet recently told a press conference at the UNITER headquarters.

Scoradet also mentioned an important presence in Arad is going to be choreograph Yoshiko Chuma, who is going to lead a choreography workshop and who is also going to open the festival with the „Poonarc” project, a co-production Japan-U.S.

The title of the project-show „Poonarc”, combining visual arts, theatre and dance, is an acronym for „Page out of Order Not About Romanian Cinema”, and is to bring on stage 25 Japanese, American and Romanian artists.

Radu Dinulescu, who is the director of the Marionette Theatre from Arad said in his turn he decided this year to link the theatre and film festival Underground to the EUROmarionnettes festival (May 11-21).

As regards the film section, the organizers specified they will bring films usually screened at the classical festivals or in the cinema halls, many of them produced by the directors from their own funds, student films, experimental, minimalist films, characteristic to the underground genre.
There will also be screen documentary films, such as ‘The Day After Peace’ directed by Jeremy Gilley and ‘My First War’ directed by Yariv Mover.

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