UTI builds first underground shooting range in Romania


UTI System – the military security systems department of the UTI Group, a producer of IT&C and security solutions, of electrical installations and military systems, whose main shareholder is Tiberiu Urdareanu inaugurated the first underground shooting range in Romania, worth 400,000 euros and whose building works took about 8 months, the Ziarul financ iar informs.

The range avails of three shooting lines, 15 meters long each, a store selling weapons and ammunition, a repair and maintenance workshop and a location for emergency surgery.

‘The underground shooting range is the first in Romania and it can be seen as a pilot programme of the UTI Group. The complex was designed in a flexible manner and can be used both by experts and by beginners willing to learn shooting by bullet-guns,” UTI Group’s vice president Mihail Tanasescu said.

There are over 1,100 authorized bullet gun owners registered in Bucharest, but the real figures are expected to be higher. UTI Group earned a turnover amounting to 150 million euros, in 2008.

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