BNS: 10,000 trade union members to protest in Bucharest

The National Trade Union Bloc (BNS) on May 14 organizes a protest march in Bucharest, with about 10,000 trade union members taking part, representing all fields of activity, Dumitru Costin, BNS president, told a news conference.

The BNS members are dissatisfied with the fact that the agreement with the IMF is not accompanied by a programme of concrete measures meant to relaunch the economy and develop jobs.

„We were the only trade union confederation to guarantee this agreement with the IMF, but we did not see any attitude of the Government making one think that it wanted to use this money for the development of the economy and the creation of jobs too.

Thus, the money will be uselessly spent and in one and a half years we shall realize that we are poorer, but also up to the eyes in debt, said trade union leader Dumitru Costin.

The BNS president informs the Government of the fact that BNS is willing, at any time, to table a project that should lead to the creation of 100,000 jobs. As the BNS leader puts it, the main goal of this protest action is the stability of jobs.The trade union members are also concerned for the fact that, although an economic decline is obvious, prices go on rising.

Dumitru Costin warns the Government against the fact that Romania „is nearing a food crisis” and that the Government has to take steps for the development of the farm output as the country has enough potential and „it is not to be accepted for us to be dependent on imported food.”

The 10,000 participants in the march will stop for s short time outside the Government, outside the Ministry of Economy and outside the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection.

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