Boc: I have had no bilateral talk with Moldovan Foreign Minister

Premier Emil Boc on Thursday evening, in Prague, told the summit on launching the Eastern Partnership that he had no tete-a-tete with Foreign Minister of the Republic of Moldova Andrei Stratan about the relation between the two neighbouring countries as there was no appropriate moment „for bilateral talks.”

„It was only a talk attended by all the European Union member states and every state took its individual stand. Every country expressed its point of view in favour of possibly against, obviously there was no viewpoint against this partnership. From this point of view it was a talk meant to support or not this partnership, which was negotiated for in principle by the Foreign Ministers of the member and partner states,” said Emil Boc.

When asked if the EU should get involved in the relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova getting back to normal, Premier Boc said it should not at this moment.

„I do not see why it should get involved at this moment,” said Emil Boc.


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