Civic Force gets ready for Euro-parliamentary elections

The Civic Force Party (FC) is going in front of the electorate, on June 7, for the Euro-parliamentary elections, with a list of 29 candidates, half of them members of the National Standing Bureau of this political formation.

FC President Adrian Stefan Iurascu, an engineer, company manager, is leading the party’s list for the European Parliament. Party’s and the vice-presidents are also included on this list: Cristian Obrocea, medical doctor, retired officer (second on the list), engineers Adrian But (4th spot), Valeriu Bancescu (13th spot), Camelia Trufasu (16th spot) and economists Anghel Balan (6th spot) and Dumitru Botila (14th spot).

FC candidates’ dean, according to the age, is medical doctor Florin Bogdan (10th spot), honorary president of this party, 81 years old, and the youngest candidate is a veterinarian student Catalina-Virginia Florea (27th spot), recently turned 23.

According to professions, seven of the candidates are engineers, four medical doctors, two professors and two students, as well as a lawyer, a technician, a plastic arts specialist, a sociologist, a psychologist and a journalist.

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