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Emil Boc: The Eastern Partnership, a success for Romania as well


Prime Minister Emil Boc on Thursday evening in Prague said that the Eastern Partnership is a success for Romania as well.

„I believe this partnership is a success for Romania as well, as the country takes much interest in ensuring security and stability at its borders, that is an area where civil rights and liberties are observed in line with the provisions of a state of law. Let’s not forget that Romania has several partner states at it eastern border,” Boc said after the summit on the launch of the Eastern Partnership in the Czech capital city.

Deputy PM Dan Nica said after the summit that some of the six participant countries have resources that are important for Romania.

„It is important to be active, to support these countries and capitalize as much as we can on the resources they have, energy resources that can have a major impact in the upcoming period. We also want to get involved in ensuring the energy transport routes and support the Romanian companies to be more active in this respect,” Nica explained.

He underscored he would talk to the relevant authorities in the Romanian government to take the necessary measures so that the Romanian companies should be informed and supported for direct access to these markets.

The joint declaration of the Eastern Partnership Summit, which defines the principles and objectives of a set of political and practical instruments destined to bringing closer eastern partners with the norms and standards of the European Union, was adopted on Thursday in Prague.

Attending the high-level meeting were 27 EU countries alongside Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.
The Romanian delegation in Prague also included the State Secretary with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Mazuru.


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