Gov’t approves participation of Romania to Finabel

Romanian Government has recently approved in a resolution the participation of Romania as a member of the Finabel Committee.

According to the normative act, Romania’s financial contribution to Finabel will be paid starting with 2009, to be expressed in euros, following to be established by observing the agreement concluded by the MApN with the similar institutions from the participating states to the setting up and functioning of this international structure.

The equivalent value in lei of this contribution will be ensured from the 2009 approved budget of the Ministry of Defence,according to the resolution published on Thursday in the Official Gazette.

Set up in 1953 by France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, the Finabel Committee’s first objective was to develop common armament’s programmes, but the institutions quickly shifted to the harmonization of land doctrines and the realization of inter-operation among the Land Forces of the European states.

Finabel is an organization that maintains tight cooperation relations and exchange of information with the North-Atlantic Alliance and military structures from the EU.

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