Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu: Bundestag’s decision to be treated with utmost attention

Romanian Minister of Justice and Citizenship Freedoms Catalin Predoiu told on Friday that Bundestag’s decision on an eventual suspension of European funds for Romania must be treated with utmost attention because it reflects this state’s discontent with the evolution of the Romanian judiciary system.

„Bundestag’s decision has to be treated with utmost attention because it reflects this European Union (EU) member state’s dissatisfaction with the evolution of the four reference objectives included in the mechanism of cooperation and verification. ! remind that the four reference objectives are related to the justice efficiency, strengthening of the institutional capacity of the Upper Magistrates Council and progress in combating corruption.

This decision reveals that the member states are determined to apply added pressure upon the European Commission (EC), so that it takes a harsher approach when evaluating Romania’s progress in the field of justice reforms and fight against corruption”, stressed Justice Minister.

Asked if Romania could lose EU funding, Predoiu said this eventuality was taken into account last year still.

„The risk of a more severe and effective EC attitude has been obvious since summer last year, when EC conveyed the warning that reforms stagnation, as well as lack of anti-corruption measures will lead to a stricter evaluation of Romania in the country reports”, underlined Predoiu.

Deutsche Welle reported on Friday that the German Parliament plans to suspend allocation of European funds to Romania due to shortcomings in the justice system. A day ago, the German legislative forum adopted a resolution deploring the pace of justice reforms and the stage of combating corruption.

Recently, according to Deutsche Welle, EC threatened Romania with freezing the European funds, appreciating that the Legislature in Bucharest blocks the efforts of criminal proceedings launch against corrupt politicians.

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