Minister Nemirschi and Canadian delegation discuss environment issues


The climate changes, the assessment procedure of the environmental impact of the Rosia Montana gold mining project (western Romania) and the Sterling project were some of the topics Romania’s Minister of Environment Nicolae Nemirschi tackled during a meeting with a Canadian delegation, on Friday.

Canada‘s Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day headed the Canadian delegation. Also attending was Canada’s Ambassador in Bucharest Marta Moszczenska.

Nemirschi also approached aspects of the Nuclear Power Station of Cernavoda (south-east), stressing that there were proposals that the water cooling the reactors, which reaches high temperature, should be transported to Constanta (Romanian Black Sea port) and used for heating.

The Canadian party stressed there was an open communication between the Canadian Government, the relevant companies and their host-countries so that the possible problems could be solved at the intergovernmental level.

„I have the best intentions regarding the sustainable development, and I like to believe I am among the few ministers thinking in the long run, and ‘green’,” Minister Nemirschi pointed out.

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