Niculae Idu: Success of strategy Robert Schuman conceived in 1950 is obvious today

The success of Robert Schuman’s strategy of setting up an United Europe having as main goals the pragmatic and tangible peace and prosperity is obvious today, and the European Union (EU)’s reason for being is that of offering collective efforts proportional to the challenges, the head of the EU Commission’s Representative Office in Romania Niculae Idu said on Friday.

In his speech, delivered on the eve of Europe Day celebrated on May 9 Idu spoke about the benefits such as peace, stability, prosperity and freedom that the United Europe, numbering 27 member countries today, brought to the countries of the Old Continent, to the Eastern European ones, particularly.

Idu also referred to the fact that the EU is currently the victim of its own success, that is to say, the idea of Europe and of United Europe as a source of liberty has eroded and the basic human rights the EU guarantees are now seen as a natural gift, which make them questionable.

That’s why, Idu stressed, now, Europe needs a powerful economy and a strong political dimension, and the European Union’s reason for being today is to help its citizens to prosper in a globalized world.

In his turn, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Romania Petr Dokladal, whose country holds the EU Council’s chairmanship by June 30, spoke about the way how the Czech EU presidency had succeeded to manage the economic crisis affecting Europe, through acting by virtue of the principle of the boundary free Europe and avoiding to resort to protectionism.

Likewise, the Romanian official emphasized the fact that during the two years since Romania joined the big European club, it succeeded to become an important EU member and its EU membership represented a benefit both for itself and the Union.


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