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ONRC: Over 14,000 companies suspend activity in April

As many as 14,035 companies voluntarily suspended activity in April as against 1,055 in the same period of the previous year, which is a rise of 1,330.3 percent, the National Trade Registry Office (ONRC) reports.

The most halts were reported in Bucharest (3,152) and the fewest in Botosani county (north¬east), Girgiu (south) – 18 and Teleorman (18). On fields of activity over April 1-30, the record hold companies in the sector of retail and wholesale trade and the companies dealing with repairs of cars and motorcycles. The ONRC statistics show that only 3,710 companies activating in this segment halted activity.

As many as 695 companies activating in the sector of retail and wholesale trade, car repairs and repairs of household goods voluntarily wrote off from the Trade Registry in April , withdrawing from the market. At the same time, as many as 273 real estate agencies did the same, according to the National Trade Registry Office.

Over April 1-3 0, the overall number of companies that voluntarily wrote off from the Trade Registry was of 2,269, up by 279.7 percent as against the same period of the previous year, when there were reported only 811 write-offs nationwide., according to the figures of ONRC.

In Bucharest there were registered most write-offs (244), being followed by Cluj county (center-west) with 115 write-offs, Prahova (south) with 108, Constanta (south-east) with 99 and Timis (west) with 90 voluntary write-offs in April 2009.

Last year in Iasi (eastern) held the first place with 91 write-offs, whereas Bucharest had only 74 voluntary write-offs.

As regards the statistic of voluntary dissolutions, ONRC informs that in April 2009 nationwide there were registered 1569 actions, with only 305 dissolutions last year, in the aforementioned period, that is a rise of 514.4 percent.

The record of voluntary dissolutions belongs to Bucharest where 639 companies decided in April to halt activity as against 77 one year ago.


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