PNL’s slogan for euro-parliamentary elections: ‘PNL. Money for Romania. European Money’

The National Liberal Party (PNL, in opposition) on Thursday, May 7, at the Parliament Palace launched its candidates for the upcoming euro-parliamentary elections (set for June 7), an event attended by approx. 500 delegates.

The incumbent PNL MEPs Adina Valean, Renate Weber, Ramona Manescu, Cristian Busoi and Mogor Csibi presented their objectives for the upcoming elections via a TV broadcast from Strasbourg, while Norica Nicolai – who is the first candidate on the PNL list for the EP, together with Ben-Oni Ardelean and Ovidiu Silaghi, presented their objectives directly to the crowd.

According to Norica Nicolai, Oni has ‘a natural and historical vocation’ of the cooperation and construction, a quality appreciated on the level of the united Europe.

‘One of the most frequently used words in politics is ‘together.’ In the 1990s, this word was something like a nice illusion, while in 2000 it was no more than a lie. The Romanian political scene is more and more marked by disunity, separation, hate and destruction, but we still cannot renounce at the word ‘together.’ Nicolai also said, adding that PNL is the single Romanian political party able to fight disunity.

Norica Nicolai also said she will plead at the European Parliament (EP), at the Commission on budget more precisely, for structural funds to be discharged to Romania and that she is going to get involved with the project to shape a common policy in the management of the structural funds for the EU too, taking into account Romania’s interests first.

MEP Adina Valean announced she will get involved in the future too in such fields as energy, the Eastern border, climate changes, foreign affairs and expansion of the EU and also she will get involve with attracting European funds for Romania.

‘Romania needs to become a regional center for European projects. Romanians have always trusted Europe and it is now time Europe to trust Romania too,’ Valean underlined.

Renate Weber told the people attending the launch of the PNL candidates for the EP she was convinced she hasn’t disappointed them with her activity at the EP and that she will fight in the future too for creating a common area for the EU Justice. ‘It is best to begin the reform in Romania and to make it further more professional from Brussels to Romania,’ she added.

Ramona Manescu’s objectives will be mainly encouraging the young people from the middle class and ensuring Romanians’ good wealth.
‘We want to promote an economic policy to support in a real and concrete manner the wealth and the people.

The growing of the middle class in Romania through stimulating entrepreneurship in such areas with economic potential represents a chance more for Romania to catch up earlier with the level of the other member states, to guarantee and encourage private property for a functional economic market, to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and to reduce social marginalizing, all these representing, in my opinion, priorities for Romania,’ the PNL MEP said.

Cristian Busoi said in his turn his main concern is promoting services of cross-border health and the rights of the patients, and also consumers’ protection, while Ben Oni Ardelean explained he wanted to run in the elections for the EP to ensure, together with the other colleagues from the PNL, a moral reform in Romania.

Ovidiu Silaghi also added he will try to support the implementation of the ten principles of the project’

A Small Business Act for Europe’ in the EP too, in which to support the SMEs, with MEP Mogor Csibi saying he wants to continue to activate within the field he activated back in 2007 in the EP; environment protection and fight against illegal waste, climate change and also efficient labeling of the products.

The PNL leaders bet they will obtain at least 8 mandates at the EP.
The slogan to be used by the PNL candidates before the Romanian in the electoral campaign will be ‘PNL. Money for Romanians. European money.’

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